Proper Way to Put Cards in Envelopes

Written by kathryn hatter | 13/05/2017
Proper Way to Put Cards in Envelopes
Place a card in an envelope properly before you mail it. (heart envelope ! image by MAHESH PATIL from

When sending a greeting card to someone, the typical focus centres on choosing the card and writing any personal message you wish to include with the card. After spending this time preparing a meaningful card to send, one of the last things you may consider is the proper way to put the card in the envelope. Although some disagreement exists about a proper way to stuff an envelope, many experts agree on a way that enables the easiest access for the card recipient as she removes the card from the envelope.

Hold the card so the front of the card faces up and the envelope so the flap of the envelope faces up. This will enable the card recipient to see the front of the card immediately when she opens the envelope.

Position the card with the fold so it goes into the envelope first. This will ensure that any enclosures (money, for example) do not fall out of the card as the recipient removes it from the envelope.

Slide the card into the envelope and push it down so the fold of the card sits snugly against the bottom of the envelope.

Close the flap of the envelope over the card and seal it.

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