How to make a pulley-type clothes drying line

Updated July 20, 2017

Drying clothing in the fresh air and sunshine will save you money. It is also much better for the planet than clothes dryers which run off electricity and gas. Hanging clothes outside to dry is not a difficult task once you have the proper set-up. Making a pulley-type clothesline is a wonderful way to gain the ability to hang your laundry outside in the fresh air. Your wallet and future generations will thank you.

Locate two trees or strong posts. The posts could be part of a fence or maybe a porch. Your pulley-type clothesline will need to attach to these.

Choose how high you want the clothesline. Make sure you will be able to comfortably reach the line to hang clothes, but also that it is high enough off the ground that the clothes won't drag on the ground.

Drill a starter hole for the hooks in the supports at the height you want your clothesline.

Screw your hooks into the starter holes as far as you can by hand. If turning the hooks becomes too difficult, try using vice grips to get a firm hold on the hooks to continue screwing them in all the way.

Tie one end of your pulley clothesline rope to the ring that is on the end of the line tightener.

Thread the opposite end of the rope through one clothesline pulley, then through the line separator, the other clothesline pulley and, finally, the clothesline tightener.

Hang the clothesline pulleys from the hooks that are screwed into the supports.

Pull the free end of the clothesline rope through the tightener and pull on the rope until tight.

Cut off the excess clothesline rope.

Hook the bottom of the line separator around the bottom of the clothesline rope.


If the pulley clothesline becomes too loose, the clothesline rope can be removed from the tightener, the rope pulled tight again and secured back in the tightener.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 heavy-duty hooks
  • Drill
  • Vice grips
  • 2 pulleys
  • Line tightener
  • Line separator
  • Clothesline rope
  • Scissors
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