How to Make Things Out of Reused Wood Pallets

Updated February 21, 2017

Wooden pallets are everywhere in the modern world. Millions of pallets are used for shipping most manufactured items. Some pallets are made of tropical hardwood, which is frequently endangered. Although shipping pallets are often tossed into a landfill after reaching their destination, they can be a valuable resource in making any number of useful objects. Recycling pallets keeps them out of the landfill, preserves natural resources and saves the recycler the cost of buying something new.

Build a compost bin out of five recycled wooden pallets. Lay one pallet on the ground. This will allow air to circulate under the compost and increase its decomposition.

Stand the other four palettes up so they form a square around the palette you have placed on the ground. Nail two of the corners together so you have three palettes attached in a U shape.

Tie the edge of the remaining palette to one end of the U, using strong cord or thin rope. Swing this palette shut and secure it with another piece of rope. You now have a big open box made of palettes. Throw in compost.

Untie the piece of rope and swing the palette open when you need to turn your compost or empty your bin. Don't stand in the way as the compost may fall out.

Disassemble a palette made of tropical hardwood. Do this by pulling the nails attaching the palette slats to one another, or by running a circular saw along the slats so that you cut off the end pieces that hold the palette together. Disassembling a palette by pulling the nails is the more difficult method, but it results in longer pieces of usable wood.

Check all pieces very carefully to be sure they are free of nails. Run the pieces through a planer.

Use the recycled pieces of hardwood as flooring. You can also use them for household moulding or trim.

Stand a pallet on end. Lean another pallet against it so they are at right angles and their edges meet. Secure them at this corner with a piece of rope at top and bottom.

Stand another pallet on end against the far end of the second pallet so that you have created a Z shape. Secure this second corner with pieces of rope at top and bottom.

Repeat as many times as necessary, creating a zigzag fence of pallets across the landscape. This shape will provide stability to the fence and eliminate the need for posts or digging. You made need to gather a large number of pallets, depending upon the length of your fence.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden pallets
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Rope
  • Planer
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