How to Transfer Contacts to a Samsung

Updated April 17, 2017

Having a new phone often requires a lot of setting up prior to actually enjoying the device. In many cases, transferring data from the older phone to the new phone is the first thing new users want to do. The phone's address book contains several key phone numbers that need to be readily available on the new device. Instead of manually inputting the cell phone numbers into the new phone, there is a way to transfer multiple contacts to your new Samsung phone fast and efficiently.

Make sure that your cell phone's sim card is inside of the old phone. In the majority of cell phones, the sim card is located underneath the battery and can be accessed by removing the battery from its slot. If the sim card is in your new phone, remove it and place it back into the old phone.

Access your contacts. In your old phone, access your menu. This is usually done by pressing the menu button shown on the bottom of the screen. From there, highlight your icon that says "address book" or "contacts." Select it to find your contacts.

Copy your contacts to the sim card. Some phones allow your to do them all at once while others require you to add contacts one by one. Hit your menu button. Find the option that says, "add contact(s) to sim card" or something similar. Select that option to add your contacts to the sim card. Repeat this step as many times as needed to ensure that all your contacts are carried over from the phone to the sim card.

Place the sim card into the new phone. Power off the old phone and open the battery cover. Remove the battery to find the sim card. Remove the sim card from the old phone and place it into the new phone.

Access your contacts. Power on the new phone. Access your contacts as seen from step 2. Your new contacts should be there. If not, press the menu button and select "transfer contacts from sim." Your contacts will then transfer from the sim card to the phone immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • Old Cell Phone
  • New Samsung Phone
  • Sim Card
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