Guitar Hero World Tour Set Up Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Guitar Hero World Tour is the first Guitar Hero product to feature an entire band kit. From the drums to the microphone, you can rock out in your living room using the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Wii. It only takes a few minutes to set up the instruments for your specific game console. Plug in your instruments and jam with friends and family.

Plug the cord for each wired microphone and the wired drum kit into a separate USB port on the front of your PS2 or PS3. For plugging in more than two USB instruments, insert a USB hub into the USB port and plug the instruments into the extra USB ports running along the USB hub.

Plug any wired guitar controllers into one of the regular controller spots on the front of your game console. This works the same as plugging in a regular, wired video game controller.

Turn on your Xbox 360 or PS3 and hold down the power button on any wireless instruments such as the guitar or drum controller. If your Xbox 360 instruments do not turn on, press the sync button on the front of the Xbox 360, and then press the power button on the instrument. After several seconds it will connect and turn on.

To connect a wireless instrument to your PS2 or PS3, insert the USB connector that came with the instrument into the console's USB port. Turn on the wireless instrument. Press the connect button on the USB connector and wait for a red light. Press the power button on the wireless instrument to sync it to the console.

Plug the microphone into the USB ports on the back of the Nintendo Wii. Turn on the Wii and a Wii remote for each instrument. The microphone needs a remote to navigate the menus.

Remove the back cover from the Wii guitar controller and place the Wii remote inside with the buttons facing the front of the guitar. Replace the cover.

Remove the cover on the top of the Wii drums, between the cymbals, and insert the Wii remote. Replace the cover. Ensure all the remotes are turned on and connected to the Wii. If not, press the power button on each remote to turn it on and the "A" button to connect to the Wii. When the remotes connect, a single blue light will appear.


Flashing blue lights on the Wii remote mean it is on but not connected. Press the "A" button and wait for the light to stop flashing.

Things You'll Need

  • USB hub
  • USB connector
  • Wii remotes
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