How to address a military letter

Men and women serving in the military enjoy receiving letters from family and friends at home. Whether the service member you're writing to is serving overseas or stationed in the UK, correctly addressing the letter you write to them makes the difference between the service member receiving their letter or not. All military letters go through the British Forces Post Office and, from there, is sent directly to the location of the service member. All parts of the address should be written in capital letters.

Begin addressing your letter to a military person by writing the person's service number, rank and first and last names in the centre of the envelope.

Add the military member's unit or regiment name on the next line.

If the serviceman is engage in a specific operation, add the operation name on a line below the unit name. If you don't know what operation that are on, don't worry, this part is optional.

Finish the military address with identifiers that tell the BFPO to which military post office the letter is going. This is called a BFPO number and should appear on the last line of the address. The mail is sorted by a machine that reads the last line of the address to direct the mail. It is very important that the BFPO number is on a separate line and that it is the last line of the address.

You should write your own address on the back of the envelope. With "SENDER:" written before it.

Take your letter to the Post Office to get a stamp. Some operations are given a free postal service and the Post Office clerk has access to which operations currently enjoy this benefit. You may not need to buy a stamp.

Things You'll Need

  • Letter
  • Pen
  • Postage
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