How to Access a Website Blocked by Websense Filter

Updated February 21, 2017

Schools, libraries and other educational institutions as well as work locations and homes, utilise Websense filters to block different types of websites. Typically websites are blocked for taking too much bandwidth, high flow of traffic or because the content in the website is inappropriate. Nevertheless, it is common for Websense filtering to block websites with good content, keeping users from being able to access relevant Web pages. Luckily, there is a process you can trail to access any website while using an operating system with Websense filters.

Open your Internet browser (i.e. Firefox, Explorer) and visit the KProxy website (see resources below.) KProxy is an anonymous proxy website that claims to work great with Facebook and since 2005 it has been serving users

Enter the URL of the website being filtered by Websense in the blank box next to the tab that says "Surf!" The URL can be entered in formats like "" or ""

Click the "Surf!" tab and wait for KProxy to redirect you to the desired website and view the content you want.

Open your Internet browser (i.e. Firefox, Explorer) and visit Vtunnel's website (see resources below.) Vtunnel allows you to browse the Internet bypassing Websense and IP based filters securely and free of charge.

Type the URL that Websense is blocking in the blank box located in the mid upper area of the screen below where it says "Enter a URL below to browse the Internet securely!" You can type the URL in the blank box in formats such as "" or ""

Click on the "Begin browsing" tab below the blank box and wait for Vtunnel to redirect you to the page want to gain access to.

Open your Internet browser (i.e. Firefox, Explorer) and got to the VectroProxy website (see resources below.) VectroProxy is a free and fast anonymous proxy website that allows you to navigate the Net without having to worry about any Websense blocking filters.

Input the URL of the web page that you can't access due to Websense filtering in the blank box located in the centre of your screen, below where it says "Enter the Web Address:" Type the URL using the following formats: "" or ""

Click on the tab that says "Browse!*" located to the right of the blank box. VectroProxy will now redirect you to the website you want to access.


Visit the TopBits website (see references below) to check the latest lists of anonymous proxy websites.

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