How to advertise on lamp posts

Advertising on lamp posts is one of the most common and easiest ways to advertise yourself, your business or an upcoming event. This is typically done with colourful vinyl banners hung from the top of the posts, as the banners will catch the eye of people passing by. You may also find success by advertising with simple flyers attached to the poles. No matter what you opt to do, advertising on lamp posts will help get the word out.

Set your budget for the project, which determines the type of advertising campaign you use. Vinyl banners are usually more expensive and may cost several hundred dollars per banner. Flyers are significantly less expensive, costing you only pennies if you buy in bulk.

Contact the city or town where you live and ask about advertising on lamp posts. Not all cities allow this type of advertising and you may find your signage taken down or even receive a fine. The city may require a special permit to hang your signs around the city.

Create a design for your signs. You need all pertinent information, including the date if you're hosting an event, and all contact information. If you're advertising a business or company, include the logo for the business, as well as details on what you make or sell.

Purchase the signs from a reputable manufacturer. If you decide on vinyl banners, ask about the quality of the vinyl. Purchase banners with the information on both sides, which lets potential customers see the information no matter which way they pass. If you use flyers, keep the information in the centre and avoid using too many distracting images.

Attach the signage directly to the lamp post, using the appropriate hangers. Vinyl banners attach with metal brackets that keep the banners in place, even in harsh winds or other weather conditions. Flyers attach to the lamp posts with tape or poster glue.


Consider using a company that specialises in lamp post advertising. The companies create the banners, based on the information you provide and hang the signs for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Banners/flyers
  • Hangers
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