How to Make Your Own Sterling Silver Wire Wrap Jewelry

Updated April 17, 2017

Accessorise is the name of the game in fashion. Whether it's big and chunky or slender and smooth, which accessory you wear varies the look. Create your own sterling silver wrap jewellery. Choose beads that compliment one another. Wear a bracelet for a day at the office or a night on the town. Make a statement with a silver ring. Adjust the size or shape of the sterling silver beads. Add a sterling silver wrap jewellery to beautify your style in about 40 minutes.

Wrap the bracelet memory wire around your wrist for this project. Decide how many coils you wish to make your bracelet. Typically, the coil wraps around two to three times. Mark the spot that you wish to cut. Take the memory wire off your wrist. With wire cutters, carefully cut the memory wire.

Grasp the end of the memory wire with round-nose pliers. Hold it steady. Turn your wrist away from your body and form a loop. Set the end of the loop until it is flush against the rest of the coil.

Lay out the desired motif for your bracelet. Use a bead board to determine all the possibilities prior to stringing the beads. Create a repetitious pattern or one that is spontaneous. The choice is yours. Start stringing the sterling silver beads when you have the design you like.

Continue to string the beads around the memory wire until all the sterling silver beads are used. Now close off the end of the bracelet. With your round-nose pliers grip the end of the wire. Form a loop as in step 2 . Push the end of the wire until it is flush with the rest of the coil to prevent scratching the skin.

Attach the charm. Slide the extra beads and/or charm you wish to hang onto the head pin. Bend the top of the head pin to form a loop. Slip it through the loop of the bracelet at the end of the memory wire. Close the loop with round-nose pliers. Pay attention so that the loop of the head pin doesn't cross over rather than close.


Purchase ring and necklace memory wire for other wrap jewellery projects. Mix and match sterling silver beads. Experiment with smooth, round beads and filigree. Consider corrugated round beads or Heishi beads. Try smooth tube beads, twisted or curved beads. The combination possibilities are many, depending on personal style and budget.


When cutting memory wire, hover over the wire so that it doesn't fly out. Push looped ends into main portion of jewellery to avoid scratches and cuts.

Things You'll Need

  • Silver colour stainless steel memory wire for bracelet (2 to 4 ringed coil depending on how many times it wraps the wrist)
  • Sterling silver beads, mix and match according to personal taste (approximately 125 beads)
  • 1 or more sterling silver charm or beads
  • 1 head pin
  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose pliers
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