How to Change a Volvo S60 Fuel Filter

Updated March 23, 2017

The fuel filter on the Volvo S60 model cars is an in-line canister-type fuel filter. This type of fuel filter is designed so that the gas can travel through the fuel filter and catch any small particles from the gas inside of the filter. Once the gas travels up from the gas tank and into the fuel filter, the fibre filter inside of the fuel filter housing catches and holds these small particles from the gas. Then, the clean gas travels to the engine.

Park the Volvo S60 and pull the parking brake out. Make sure to park the Volvo S60 in a very well-ventilated area such as outside or in the garage with all of the windows open and the doors open. Also make sure that the floor or surface is level.

Go to the rear of the Volvo S60 and remove the gas cap from the fill neck on the gas tank. The gas cap must be removed to relieve the high pressure off of the fuel filter.

Slide the floor jack up under the rear of the Volvo S60 and jack it up from the rear cross frame. Once the Volvo S60 is up high enough in the air, place the jack stands under the rear jacking points that are located in front of both rear tires. Then, gently lower the car onto the stands and leave the jack under the car.

Crawl under the rear passenger side of the Volvo S60 near the passenger side of the gas tank and locate the fuel filter that is mounted to the frame rail. Then, position the gas dripping pan under the fuel filter.

Remove the two lines that are coming out of each end of the fuel filter by taking a clean rag and compressing the plastic clips in the ends of the fuel lines. These clips are located where the fuel line connects to the fuel filter. Squeeze the plastic clips together and pull out on the fuel line. Do this to the fuel line on both sides of the fuel filter.

Position the fuel lines so that they hang down towards the gas dripping pan. This will allow the small amount of fuel inside of the lines to drain into the dripping pan.

Push the fuel filter out of the bracket with your hand. Then, put the old fuel filter into the dripping pan.

Line up the fuel filter with the bracket so that the flow arrow on the side of the fuel filter is facing the engine and away from the fuel tank. Then, push the fuel filter halfway through the bracket.

Push both fuel lines onto both sides of the fuel filter until the plastic clips lock onto the fuel filter ports. Then, gently pull back on the lines to ensure that they are secure. Remove the dripping pan out from under the Volvo S60.

Put the gas cap back onto the fill neck of the gas tank. Then, get in on the driver side of the Volvo S60 and turn the ignition over three times to fill the new fuel filter up with fuel. On the fourth turn, crank the engine and let it run for about one minute.

Look over the new fuel filter for any gas leaks while the engine is running. Then shut the engine off.

Jack the rear of the Volvo S60 back up and pull the jack stands out from under both sides of the car. Lower the Volvo S60 back to the floor.


If the flow arrow stamped on the side of the fuel filter is not facing the correct way, the engine will not crank and the fuel filter will have to be removed and positioned correctly.


Keep any open flames and cigarettes away from gas. Wear safety glasses when working around gas.

Things You'll Need

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Gas dripping pan
  • Clean rag
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