How to Ship Furniture to India

Updated February 21, 2017

International shipping companies specialise in moving furniture and other large items around the globe. Because of the long distances involved, you should first determine whether it would be cheaper to buy new furniture in India than ship bulky items halfway around the world.

Check one-stop services such as the 123 Movers website to find and compare international shipping companies. (See Resources)

Choose either air or sea as your method for shipping your furniture to India. Sea shipments are by container, which is usually shared and therefore cheaper than air shipping. According to uShip, shipping your furniture by air is typically a good choice for any furniture that is fragile or small because it will not be handled multiple times.

Get a free shipping quote from the shipping company you are interested in using. Call them in person or use the online quote request form on its website. Get quotes from several companies in order to compare prices and services. Make sure the cost of insurance and customs duties is factored in

Pick a shipping company and make arrangements to do the job. Make sure the shipment is propertly documented and insured. Get an accurate estimate on how long the move will take and whether you can monitor progress online.


In order to pick up your furniture in India, you will have to pay customs duties, which vary depending on the value of the items you ship.

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