How to Train a Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Updated July 20, 2017

Even though the look of this dog can be off-putting, the Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a healthy, sturdy and loyal breed. With early training and socialisation, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier can become a gentle family pet. At 13 to 15 inches high, they are a smaller size breed, but they are very muscular and weigh between 11.3 and 15.9 Kilogram. With daily exercise, an apartment or small yard can be sufficient. Consistent and caring training is the key to making this dog a loving part of your home.

Give durable chew toys to your dog. Chew toys made for large dogs or horses are better suited for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. These toys will last longer and are without small pieces that could cause a safety issue. Any unacceptable chewing needs to be corrected quickly and a chew toy given to the dog. Mouthing people during play needs to be discouraged and corrected.

Train your Staffordshire puppy to walk on a leash. This puppy will grow into a muscular, powerful dog. Establishing control and guidelines early will make walks enjoyable for both you and your dog. Using a harness will be more comfortable for the Staffordshire body shape and offer you more control. If your dog pulls on the leash, turn around and walk the other way. Your dog will quickly learn to walk with you, without pulling ahead.

Socialise your Staffordshire Bull Terrier early with both people and other dogs. Aggression towards people is very rare with this breed, but they can be aggressive towards other dogs. Early socialisation will train your dog to get along and play with other dogs. Any signs of aggression must be corrected immediately with removal. The separation from the fun will be an impactful signal to your dog.

Establish a routine for your Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Routine times for exercise, feeding, waking, bedtime and play time will help your dog know what to expect throughout the day. With an intelligent breed of dog, such as the Staffordshire, a routine will help the dog trust you and remain calm. Inconsistent routines can cause a Staffordshire to become anxious, untrusting and more likely to resist training.

"Sit" is the best basic command to start with. Hold a dog treat at the dog's nose and move it towards the top of the head. Your dog will raise its nose and head back, naturally moving into the sitting position. As your dog is doing this, say "Sit". Once it is sitting, immediately give the treat and verbal praise. Repeat this for a few minutes each day, working towards using only praise as a reward.


Being a responsible dog owner requires training for the dog and people. Establishing consistent routines, training and expectations will create a long lasting relationship between you and your Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


People will sometimes confuse the looks of a Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a pit bull and be afraid of your dog. You should only bring this dog into your home if you are ready to commit the time and effort required to be a dominant and responsible dog owner.

Things You'll Need

  • Durable chew toys
  • Dog Treats
  • Leash
  • Harness
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