How to Match a Blue Sofa With Gray Carpet

Updated February 21, 2017

When decorating your home, you can approach the task of matching a solid-coloured sofa with a different solid-coloured carpet in a variety of ways, according to Julie Polk of JP Interiors. The method you choose depends on the decorative items you want to include within your decorating scheme. You may choose to incorporate one method or several. In Ms. Polk's opinion as an interior decorator, "There are no hard and fast rules that apply to interior decorating; it all depends on what appeals to you." If you have a blue sofa, and you've moved into a rental house with grey carpet that you can't change, or if you just simply like the look of blue and grey together, there are a number of ways to make the two colours blend seamlessly for a unified, composed look that is calm and relaxing.

Place three to five grey or blue-and-grey throw pillows on the sofa. When using solid colour grey pillows, select those in shades of light and dark grey to help match the sofa to the carpet.

Spread a throw in matching shades of blue and grey across the back of the sofa, or casually place it in one corner to mix the colours together. "Don't be afraid to use a throw that includes another neutral colour in addition to the blues and greys. As long as the blues and greys stand out within the colour scheme of the throw, a multi-coloured item should work well for your purpose," states Ms. Polk, an expert interior decorator.

Position an area rug with blue-and-grey tones underneath the sofa or underneath the coffee table in front of the sofa to help match the blue sofa to the grey carpet.


Try a combination of things to help unite your blue sofa to the grey carpet, such as using both throw pillows and an area rug. Use patterned pillows also instead of solid-coloured pillows. Just make sure that the blues and greys "stand out" among any other colours incorporated in the colour scheme.

Things You'll Need

  • Throw pillows
  • Throws
  • Area rug
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