How Do I Connect a PS2 to a Computer Monitor?

Updated February 21, 2017

A PlayStation 2 gaming console connects to audio-video components with colour-coded, composite-type cables. The cables plug straight into a television or a home theatre receiver connected to a TV. Converting the cables to work with a computer monitor requires a composite-to-VGA (video graphics array) adaptor, available at electronics and computer stores. If the monitor does not have built-in speakers, an audio Y-adaptor is also needed to connect the stereo cables from the PS2 to a set of external speakers.

Connect the VGA cable to the VGA socket on the adaptor, pushing the 15 metal pins inside the plug into the holes in the adaptor socket. Tighten the screw on each side of the cable to secure the connection, then hook up the other end of the cable to the computer monitor if it is not already attached.

Push the yellow plug on one end of the PS2 connector cable into the yellow video socket on the VGA adaptor.

Connect the red and white audio plugs on the PS2 cable either to the audio jacks on a monitor with built-in speakers or to the jacks on a Y-adaptor with a minijack for connecting external speakers, if desired. The audio cable from the right speaker plugs into the minijack on the Y-adaptor.


Unplug the PS2 from the electrical socket while connecting with the monitor.

Things You'll Need

  • VGA cable
  • Composite-to-VGA adaptor
  • Y-adaptor (when using external speakers)
  • PlayStation 2 cable that comes with the gaming system
  • External computer speakers or other self-powered speakers
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