How to Recover After a Breast Lift & Augmentation

Written by shauna cuff
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How to Recover After a Breast Lift & Augmentation
Recovery from a breast lift and augmentation can take several weeks. (bra image by Sergey Minaev from

Breast lift and augmentation surgery can be an exhausting process. For women with lower pain thresholds, it may take some time to resume normal functioning. Women with a higher tolerance for pain may recover from the pain associated with surgery sooner, but should still restrict their movement according to the instructions laid out by their surgeon. Depending on the type of incision and placement of the implants (above or below the muscle), it may take some time for implants to settle into their final position. Patience is key in the recovery process.

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    Wear the right bra post-surgery. Your surgeon will either provide a bra to you or recommend a few brands for you to buy. Breast implants take time to heal, and you should resist the urge to go out and buy several new bras immediately after surgery. As your implants settle and the skin stretches and relaxes to accommodate the implant they may change size or shape. Purchasing new bras too early may result in them having to be discarded for poor fit. Furthermore, your surgeon will have recommendations or bras to provide you with that give proper support needed for recovery.

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    Ask for help with showering. Your surgeon will tell you when you can begin showering again, but you may need help reaching areas of your body. Help standing may also be needed in the beginning. Only use soaps, creams and gels as recommended by your doctor on your incisions. Typically women are advised to resist strongly scented soaps.

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    Restrict your movements per your doctor's instructions. Some surgeons will require you to avoid lifting for up to six weeks or more. Set up a helper schedule prior to surgery if this is the case. Do not ignore the surgeon's instructions. You can risk pulling muscles that are still healing, popping or ripping out stitches, or extreme pain. Ask your doctor if he has light exercises you can do each day to keep moving.

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    Take medication only as prescribed. Some surgeons will prescribe an antibiotic along with painkillers. Take these exactly as instructed, and if in pain, do not double doses. If the pain is unbearable after medication has been taken, contact your surgeon's office to have a dose or medication change made.

  5. 5

    Rest and do not strain yourself. Your body needs time to heal. Your doctor may have recommendations for sleeping positions. Lie in position as instructed until restrictions are lifted. If you are in excessive discomfort after following the surgeon's instructions, call her office and ask what else you might be permitted to try.

    Read a favourite book or watch movies while you rest to keep your mind stimulated. Knitting and crochet may irritate the arms due to repeated movement, so only do activities requiring arm movement if your surgeon clears it. Avoid driving, which can strain the arms, until you receive permission to begin again.

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    Stop smoking. According to Breast Implants 411, "Not smoking is critical to good wound healing after breast lift surgery because nicotine constricts blood vessels, thereby depriving the surgical area of oxygen."

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    Avoid using creams to ease scarring unless they are approved by your doctor. There are natural remedies available that may help scars fade, but any product you use should be run by your surgeon first.

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    Speak with your surgeon before having sex after surgery. Sex can be considered exercise, and new implants should not be handled until they have healed.

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    Eat healthily and drink lots of water to promote healing.

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