How to Paint Watercolor Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are perennial flowers native to South Africa. They produce blossoms in orange, yellow, white, red, pink and violet. They have a natural bold and cheerful appearance, making them very popular for purchase in flower stands and grocery stores. As a flower for artists to paint, they are easier than many flowers because they are relatively simple in design. For this reason, they are not uncommon subjects in still life paintings.

Dip a small round-tipped paintbrush in the colour you'll be using for your Gerbera daisies. You'll be painting the centre of the daisy first, so darken this colour by adding more paint to the brush, or lighten it by diluting this colour with water. The centre of the daisy is often the same colour but a different value (darkened or lightened) as the rest of the daisy. Alternatively, you may choose to make the centre of the daisy a yellow, regardless of what colour the petals will be. This is not unusual for Gerbera daisies.

Paint a round circle in the centre of each daisy on the paper. Wherever you would like to paint a daisy, paint a circle.

Dip your paintbrush back on the palette. Either darken or lighten the colour you just used for the centre of the flowers. This colour will be used as a ring around the centre of the daisy.

Paint a thick ring around the centre of each daisy (a common feature in the centre of Gerbera daisies).

Dip your paintbrush into the colour on your palette once more. This colour should be exactly as you would like the petals to appear--do not dilute it or darken it with additional paint.

Choose a random daisy centre on your paper and paint a thick line protruding from it in whichever direction you wish. This line should be slightly longer than the diameter of the centre of the daisy. The end of the line should be rounded. You have just painted a single petal.

Paint petals until they circle the entire daisy centre that you applied the petal to in Step 6.

Paint petals all the way around the other daisy centres on your paper.

Clean your brush and dip it in green paint. Paint a thick stem from the bottom of each Gerbera daisy on your paper.


If you choose to paint the Gerbera daisies with a medium that is not watercolour, this process is much the same, with one exception: do not dilute the paint with water in order to produce a lighter colour. Instead, add white paint.

Things You'll Need

  • Watercolour paper
  • Watercolour paintbrushes (small round)
  • Watercolour paint
  • Palette
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