How to extend your bluetooth range

Updated February 21, 2017

With wireless equipment quickly replacing wired devices and USB data connections, most computers now have a Bluetooth receiver build directly into the system. This holds true for both Windows and Mac based computers. However, the signal range is often limited to a few dozen feet, so if you work in an office building and are too far away from the wireless printer or scanner, it is possible to extend the Bluetooth range through a Bluetooth antenna.

Insert the USB data cable into the USB port on your Bluetooth antenna. Plug the opposite end of the cable into the USB port on your Mac or Windows computer.

Open the disc tray of your computer and insert the driver installation CD. Although some computers automatically detect the antenna and put it immediately to use, others require you to install the drivers. Installing the drivers onto the computer ensures there are no errors with the antenna in the future. A driver installation wizard should appear on the screen.

Follow the brief set of prompts of the installation wizard and the antenna is ready for use.

Activate the Bluetooth connection (either through the "Control Panel" in Windows or the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of a Mac computer), and the computer begins detecting Bluetooth over the increased range.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth antenna
  • USB data cable
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