How to create online biker patches

Written by k.c. winslow | 13/05/2017
How to create online biker patches
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Bikers use patches on their clothing as a means of personal and group identification. You can create your own custom biker patches online through several different vendors. Custom biker patch creation websites help you turn your patch design into a colour-embroidered patch in your desired size and quantity, whether you have a rough sketch or a full-blown artist’s rendition prepared.

Make a custom-embroidered biker patch at the Motorcycle Patches website (see References). This website requires no minimum purchase, meaning you can purchase just a single patch if you desire. You can select between a variety of patch sizes and select text and other design features. Motorcycle Patches is limited in terms of the graphics that may be applied to the design, so for graphic-intensive patches, you may want to consider other options.

Create biker patches online from your design at e-patches (see References). After you submit your design concept with your specifications and the quote request information, e-patches prepares a quote for you. There is no minimum order and no set-up fee. The price at e-patches is based on the patch size, quantity of patches, difficulty of the embroidery, the colours used and the type of twill used.

Work with Apparel 2000 to design a custom motorcycle patch (see References). Apparel 2000 creates custom biker patches of all sizes, including large back patches, top rockers and bottom rockers. Low minimum orders apply for most patches.

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