How to remove oral warts

Updated April 17, 2017

Oral warts can occur anywhere inside the mouth and lips. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which is a precursor to cervical cancer. Oral warts affect people whose immune systems are compromised. If you have oral warts, see a specialist to get them removed. You can also take preventive steps to stop oral warts from recurring.

Make an appointment with a doctor to discuss the best methods for removing oral warts. An evaluation will be done to decide the best treatment for oral wart removal. The type of treatment recommended by a doctor is dependent on where the oral warts are located.

Use prescribed treatments as directed. Your doctor may prescribe a topical solution, such as Podofilex cream, imoquimod ointment, flourouracil 2% topical, if oral warts are on the lips and creases of the mouth. This method is easiest and least costly; however, it can be difficult to apply ointment to an infected area in the mouth.

Discuss alternate methods of removal with your doctor for an oral wart located on the roof of the mouth or the tongue. Your doctor will help you decide between surgical removal, zapping with a carbon dioxide laser, freezing with cryotherapy or interpheron alpha injection.

Avoid recurrence of oral warts by regularly rinsing with mouth wash, especially after contact with a partner, to kill the HPV virus before an oral wart appears in the mouth area.


Visit regularly with dentists and oral health professionals to keep the mouth healthy.


Don't try to remove the oral wart without consulting a doctor.

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