How to Connect a DECT Phone to ATA

Updated July 20, 2017

A DECT phone is a type of cordless telephone or telephone set. An ATA is an Analog Telephone Adapter. An ATA is used by VoIP phone companies to allow the phone service to be run over the Internet as opposed to traditional landlines. This is the same as hooking up any telephone to a telephone jack for the most part. You will have your dial tone and be able to make and receive calls the same as you would through a traditional landline and corded telephone.

Ensure your DECT phone base is where you want it and make sure your telephone cord is long enough to reach from the DECT phone base to your ATA. If the telephone cord is not long enough you will need to find another telephone cord to complete the hookup.

Connect the telephone cord to the DECT cordless telephone base. There will be a phone line port typically on the back of the base. You will know the telephone cord is secure when you hear the cord snap into place.

Connect the other end of the telephone cord to the VoIP ATA. There will be a phone line port typically on the back or the side of the ATA. The telephone cord will snap into place. If the ATA has two phone lines, double-check that you are connecting the phone cord into the correct phone line port.

Connect one end of the power cord to the DECT phone base. Then plug the other end into an electrical socket.

Test your phone to ensure you have a dial tone on the DECT phone. You can then use your cordless telephone the same as you would any phone.


If there are multiple phones in your DECT cordless phone set, only the main base connects to the ATA. All other bases only need to connect to electrical sockets and can be placed all around your home.


Do not connect your DECT phone to both the ATA and traditional home telephone wiring. This can short out your ATA or interfere with your dial tone.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone cord
  • ATA or Analog Telephone Adapter
  • Electrical socket nearby
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