How to Crochet With Silver Wire Beading

Updated February 21, 2017

The lacy stitches of crochet lend themselves to more than woolly afghans or hats---the same stitches made with wire result in jewellery that is sure to win compliments. Sterling silver beading wire is soft enough to easily manipulate with your crochet hook into bracelets, necklaces or earrings in no time flat. Add glass or crystal beads to make your work really sparkle. To crochet a beaded bracelet with silver beading wire, you just need to know how to make a chain and the single crochet stitch.

String your beads onto your wire. Do not cut the wire from the spool. For a 7-inch bracelet you will need approximately 42 beads.

Pull up about 6 inches of wire, letting the beads fall down against the spool. Make a slip knot, leaving a 3-inch tail.

Bring one bead up close to your hook. Yarn over with the wire and pull through to make your first chain. The bead should be on the chain stitch you just made. Pull the next bead up and make another chain stich. Repeat until you have 14 beaded chain stitches.

Wrap the beaded chain around you wrist to test its length. Make one or two more chains if necessary. When the size is correct, make one more chain (without a bead) and turn your work.

Insert the hook into the second chain from the hook. Yarn over with the wire. Bring up a bead next to your hook. Pull the loop through. There are now two loops on your hook. Draw up another bead, yarn over and pull though both loops. You have completed a beaded single crochet. Repeat in every chain stitch.

Cut the wire 3 inches from your last stitch using your wire clippers. Pull the wire through the last stitch with your hook. You should finish at the same end of the bracelet as you started, leaving you with two wire tails.

Wrap the two wires around each other to form one strand. Grasp the twisted strand with your round-nose pliers just above the crochet. Bend the strand at a 90-degree angle (it doesn't matter which direction). Pull the strand back around the top of the pliers to form a loop. Reposition the pliers so you are holding the loop near its base and wrap the doubled-wire strand around itself several times to close the loop. Cut off the wire with your wire snips as close as possible to the loop.

Open your jump rings. Put one jump ring through the loop. Put the second one in the turning chain without the bead at the other end of your bracelet. Put one half of the toggle clasp in each jump ring and close the jump rings with your pliers.


Sea Fore Crochets recommends practicing on inexpensive wire from the hardware store before taking up the sterling silver. A thin, brass 28- to 30-gauge wire works well.

Things You'll Need

  • 7 yards 26-gauge sterling silver beading wire
  • Size K crochet hook
  • 6mm and 8mm crystal beads
  • Toggle clasp
  • 2 jump rings
  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose pliers
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