How to lighten dark skin on thighs

Updated July 18, 2017

Some people suffer from darkening of the skin on the thighs. This darkening of the skin is called hyperpigmentation. The darkening can be caused by different factors. Dark skin on the inner thighs is usually the result of the thighs rubbing together or against pant fabric. Dark thigh skin can also be caused by injury that has resulted in a dark spot once the skin has healed. There are a few ways to tackle the issue of dark thigh skin.

Avoid tight fitting trousers. The key to overcoming dark skin on the thighs is prevention. Tight jeans can cause chafing when the thighs rub together. This chafing often leads to dark areas on the inner thighs. Loose-fitting clothing, preferably made of cotton, can help prevent further chafing and darkening of the thighs.

Exfoliate the thighs to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation leads to brighter, healthier-looking skin because it removes the dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of our skin over time. The removal of these dead cells also prepares the skin to absorb creams and serums more effectively. There are many different ways to exfoliate the skin. Homemade or store-bought scrubs can be used as needed. Loofahs and cleansing puffs can be used daily in the shower.

Invest in a body lotion with alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids help with the exfoliation process. Over time, dark skin on the thighs will become less noticeable and the overall appearance of the skin will be improved. When using alpha hydroxy acids, it is crucial to wear a proper SPF sunscreen because alpha hydroxy acids can increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun.

Choose a lightening serum with kojic acid over the traditional hydroquinone-based serums. Hydroquinone has been known to cause many adverse affects to the skin and has been banned in some countries. Kojic acid is natural and safer. These serums should be applied to the dark spots twice daily on clean skin.

Keep the skin looking soft and supple with cocoa butter. Cocoa butter softens the skin and improves the tone and texture so that imperfections like dark spots become less noticeable.


A steady skincare regimen will give you the best and fastest results.


Before applying anything to the skin, make sure the skin is not irritated or bruised.

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