How to cash a check made out to two people

Updated February 21, 2017

A check that is made out to two people is typically referred to as a two-party check. A two-party check can be made out to two people in a variety of ways. The way the check is made out actually determines how someone would go about cashing that two-party check. In some instances, both people have to cash it together. Sometimes only one person is required to cash a two-party check.

Inspect the front of the check where the payable line is listed. It typically reads "Payable To." The names of who the check is made out to will follow.

Get only one of the two people to endorse the check if the payable line has "or" or "or/and" between the two names. In this instance, only one person is required to endorse the check for cashing. The other person does not have to endorse the check or be present.

Tell the other person to meet you at the bank or check cashing centre to cash the check if "and," a comma or plus sign separates the two names on the payable line. In this instance, both people are required to endorse the check and be present for cashing it.

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