How to Make a Dragon Hand Puppet

Making a dragon hand puppet with your child not only encourages creativity during the art project, but also results in a toy that he can play with imaginatively. To make a dragon hand puppet, start with a mismatched sock. You can use a white sock, but it is much more dragon-like if you use a green one. As with any sock puppet, the area by the toe of the sock becomes the head and mouth of the puppet. The details you use will create the dragon look.

Thread a needle, then place a sock on your hand and pull it down your wrist until your fingers reach the toe of the sock. Place your fingers in the shape of a letter C with your thumb in the lower part of the C. Push the middle of the sock toe into your palm until you have a small indent in the sock. Pin in place with a clothespin on either side of the sock at the cheek level of the puppet. Take the sock off your hand and stitch an X to hold the indented sock at the cheek. This gives the sock a permanent mouth-like shape.

Stuff the sock with waxed paper, newspaper or notebook paper. Give it the shape of a puppet as if you had your hand inside the sock. This gives you a form to work with and keeps glue from getting on the inside of the sock.

Cut a large, narrow half oval from green felt, just large enough to cover the head of your sock puppet. This is the upper shape of the dragon snout. Glue it over the sock puppet head with either white glue or a glue gun. Place the felt so that it extends slightly from the sock at the mouth (where the toes normally are in the sock).

Draw nostrils on the upper part of the felt with a black marker. Glue googly eyes further up on the felt for the puppet's eyes.

Cut two strips of white felt, each 6 inches long by 1 inch wide. On one end cut triangular shapes as if they were dragon teeth. Place one strip under the glued green felt and glue to the sock where the upper teeth should be. Cut off any extra length of the strip after you have glued it in place. Glue the bottom teeth in place in the same manner.

Cut yellow and orange felt in the shape of small flames. Glue these in the dragon's mouth with part of them sticking out, so that it looks like flames are coming out of its mouth.

Cut several 1-inch triangles from the green felt to create a spiked back for the dragon. Glue two triangles together, leaving the base and small slits on each side of the triangle unglued and open. Fold each side of the base upward as a flap. Place glue on the underside and then attach to the sock where the dragon's back is. Apply several spikes in this manner.

Things You'll Need

  • Green sock
  • Waxed paper, newspaper or notebook paper
  • Green felt
  • White felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Orange felt
  • Black marker
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
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