Starting a food truck business

Updated April 17, 2017

Starting a food truck business requires research, ingenuity and, fortunately, only a little start-up capital. According to, establishing such a business can cost as little as £9,750, depending on the type of food truck you buy. A food truck business can easily generate £32,500 a year in earnings, says.

Buy a food truck. According to the Wall Street Journal, hot dog trucks can cost about £1,300, while bigger trucks with more cooking equipment are more expensive. Buy the type of vehicle that best suits what you want to sell, be it sandwiches or high-end dishes.

Food trucks are often found on online auctions or you can ask a local food truck entrepreneur where he purchased his truck. Before buying the truck, consult with your state's Department of Health to ensure the vehicle meets the agency's guidelines.

Research your state's food regulations. Most cities, such as New York, require food truck caterers to obtain permits before going into business. Some cities regulate the number of entrepreneurs allowed to set up shop. In addition, the Department of Health will likely inspect your truck before you can start selling and the Department of Agriculture may require you to obtain a permit from it as well. Contact your local state health and business licensing departments to find out exactly what you need.

Seek out a prime location. Car parks and street corners often see a lot of traffic, making them ideal locations for food trucks. Research your city's guidelines on which areas are acceptable. Some cities restrict trucks from parking in certain districts, as they may disrupt residential settings or affect local restaurants. Ask your license office about acceptable and restricted areas.

Purchase your food items. Some restaurants will sell their overstock to vendors, or you can buy your inventory from wholesale retailers. Talk to the owner of your favourite restaurant to see if you can work out a deal, or visit a wholesale retailer.

Promote your business. The Wall Street Journal states that social networking sites are often effective in letting customers know where your truck will be that day. In addition, you can list available items as well as the day's specials.

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