Easy Way to Cut a Boy's Hair

The days are gone when people would use an upside down bowl as a guide to cutting a boy's hair. Little boys care how they look at early ages and having a neat haircut is a priority for most. Getting regular trims at a salon can be expensive, particularly if you have a large family. Cutting your son's hair at home is not difficult and is a quick way to maintain a basic style and to enhance his self-esteem.

Drape a towel, cape or tablecloth around the child's shoulders.

Secure it near the front of his neck with a large safety pin or clothespin.

Wet the hair with a spray bottle full of water. It does not need to be dripping wet, just thoroughly dampened. Wet hair is easier to handle, and you will get a better cut, but remember that it will shrink when dry. Cut less than you think is necessary; you can always blow-dry it and begin again if it is still too long.

Comb the hair into the hairstyle he normally wears to prevent any tangles or uneven spots.

Begin cutting the hair at the nape of the neck with electric clippers at the appropriate setting, according to the package directions.

Hold the clippers alongside his head near the scalp and trim the back halfway up, your goal is to end the clipping at around the spot a baseball cap would set.

Trim the nape of the neck into a straight line. Use your comb as a straight edge and baseline to get the cut even.

Bend the top of the ear lobe downward gently, so you will not accidentally nick his ear while cutting the hair on top of the ear area. Do this with your non-dominant hand, so you can use the clippers with your dominant hand.

Clip the hair above and around the ear where the sideburns should be.

Switch to the scissors and begin cutting the top of his hair. Begin by combing about a half-inch section with your comb and pull it up vertically to his head with your fingers. This will result in a more professional-looking haircut.

Hold the half-inch section between your fingers at the length where you want to cut. Clip the sections with the scissors held at a slight angle.

Move onto the next half-inch section of hair. At this point, it is helpful to keep a small section of the cut hair in your fingers, so you can cut the other sections at the same length.

Brush the fringe forward and trim them slightly above the eyebrow area; remember the hair will look shorter when dry. Remember to cut small sections at a slight angle; this will prevent the cut from looking uneven or too blunt.

Work on the back section of the head last, at the point where the clipper cut ended. Make small snips in order to blend the two areas together.

Things You'll Need

  • Cape, towel or tablecloth
  • Clothespin or safety pin
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Comb
  • Hair clippers with guards
  • Sharp scissors
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