How to Get a Close Clean Shave in Your Bikini Area Without Getting Razor Bumps

Whether you just want to clean up the edges around your bikini area or shave it all off, it's important to shave carefully and properly, so you don't replace pubic hair with unsightly and uncomfortable razor bumps. Razor bumps are a type of skin irritation most often caused by shaving with the wrong supplies, not enough supplies or using the wrong technique. Form good shaving habits to prevent razor bumps when you shave your bikini area.

Relax in the bathtub or shower for a few minutes. The steam and heat from the shower or bath will soften hair and open up pores, making it easier to get a close shave.

Apply hair conditioner to your pubic hair. Softening up coarse hair makes it easier for your razor to go through it.

Rinse off the hair conditioner and apply shaving cream that has aloe in it. Leave the shaving cream on your pubic hair for two to three minutes prior to shaving. The aloe is soothing to the skin and the shaving cream will further soften your pubic hair.

Shave your pubic hair in a downward motion, which is with the growth of the hair, if you are prone to razor bumps. If the skin in your bikini area is not easily irritated, it's OK to shave in an upward motion, against the growth of the pubic hair. Pull your skin taut, with your other hand, prior to shaving for the closest shave.

Wash your bikini area with a mild bar soap and warm water. Rinse well and pat dry.

Smooth baby oil into your skin after shaving your bikini area. The baby oil will soften and moisturise your skin while soothing the freshly shaved area.


Use a razor with moisturising strips to help prevent nicks and cuts in the bikini area.


Avoid using men's shaving creams or perfumed shaving creams when shaving the bikini area as the perfumes in these products can irritate the skin.

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