How to Hook Up an Old VCR to a New Digital TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Playing old VHS movies on a new digital TV is not hard to do. The process will vary depending on the type of VCR and TV, but the most you will have to purchase is a coaxial to RCA converter, which can easily be obtained from any electronics store. The quality of the movie will still be that of a VHS tape.

Determine what kind of connections are on the TV and VCR. Most new TVs have RCA inputs (red, white and yellow) ports on the back of unit. Look for a coaxial input on the back of the TV (this should be labelled "coaxial").

Check the VCR for RCA ports.Make sure the RCA ports are for output. Older VCRs may not have RCA output ports, but they should have a coaxial output. A coaxial cable is the same cable that is used for cable TV.

Connect the VCR to the TV. If the TV and VCR both have RCA ports, connect the RCA cable to the VCR's output ports and to the TV's RCA inputs. If both the TV and VCR have coaxial ports, connect the coaxial cable to the VCR's output and TV's coaxial input.

Purchase a "coaxial to RCA converter" if the VCR uses a coaxial output but the TV does not have a coaxial input. Connect the coaxial cable from the VCR's output to the converter and connect the RCA inputs from the TV to the same converter. This will facilitate the connection between the VCR and the TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial to RCA converter
  • RCA cables
  • Coaxial cables
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