How to Attach Metal Finials

A finial is an ornament at the top or end of a post, pole or spire. Finials are commonly found around the home on roof weathervanes, on top of lampshades, on the top of posts and at the ends of curtain rods. Many finials are similar to knobs and they can often be interchanged. Most metal finials attach by screwing directly into the post, pole or spire or by using brackets that allow for screws. Often finials are designed to be removed (such as those on Colonial style beds) so that they can be transported with less risk of damage.

Attach a metal finial to secure your lampshade by screwing the female end of the finial into the male receiving screw positioned at the top of the lamp harp. If your finial doesn't fit, there are size adaptors available in a variety of metal finishes that can convert one size of threads to another.

Screw a metal finial into a large post adaptor or extender when mounting finials directly to the wall to hold window treatments. When possible, screw the extender directly into a stud or suitable wall anchor so that the finial can hold the weight of the window treatment.

Attach a metal finial to a metal curtain rod after the rod has been properly sized to fit the window. The finial should fit over the end of the rod and use a tightening screw at the back of the finial to lock the finial into place. Some finials have a front side and need to be aligned on the rod to face the correct direction.

Install a metal finial weather vane by measuring the roof pitch. Trace the angle of the roof onto the cover cap on two parallel sides and cut the cap. Install the adjustable roof mount by drilling and screwing the eight bolts into the roof. Insert the 3/4-inch finial mount and tighten the two set screws. Fill the finial tube with silicone caulk and liquid nails adhesive. Slide the cap into place and insert the finial into the tube.


Most metal finials have pre-drilled holes or mounted screws to make them easier to install. Select the finial style that works best with your home style and decor.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal finials
  • Screwdriver
  • Tin snips
  • Drill
  • Silicone
  • Liquid Nails adhesive
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