How to Print a Small Card

There are many different reasons or occasions where you may want or need to make and print out small cards. For businesses, being able to print business cards or appointment reminder cards is a necessity. You may also want to print out a business card if you have a product or service to offer, or even if you just want to design your own postcard for the fun of it. You can do this yourself with a word processing program or a graphic editing program.

Open a word processing program and open up a template for the size of the card that you need, such as a business card, postcard or an appointment reminder card. You can choose a template that will print more than one card on one page, or just one card.

Fill out the information you want your card to have and add any logos or graphics.

Go to "File" > "Print Preview" to make sure the card will print the way you want it, and then hit "Print".

Open your graphic editing program and go to "File" > "New". Type in the dimensions you want your card to have in the height and width boxes and click "OK".

Design your card by copying and pasting graphics, or use the text tool to add and style the text for the card.

Go to "File" > "Print Layout" (in Paint Shop Pro) to position the card on the piece of paper or print more than one on the same piece of paper. If you are using Photoshop, select "Print" > "Print Settings" > "Features" > "Pages per sheet" and then choose how many cards you would like to print on one page. In Paint.NET, hit "Print" and then choose the size and layout in the window on the right.

Things You'll Need

  • Word processing program
  • Graphic editing program
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