The best way to remove facial hair at home

Updated February 21, 2017

Almost all men will get facial hair by the time they've reached puberty. Once an adult, that facial hair will thicken up and need to be taken care of on a daily basis. For men, this is just another way of life, and removing any unwanted facial hair can be taken care of quickly and simply. Unfortunately, there are some women who will also experience facial hair. Removing the facial hair on women requires a different method to ensure your face stays smoother longer.

Wash your face with face soap and warm water. This will help to open your pores, making shaving easier.

Remove your facial hair the old fashioned way: with a razor blade. Lather up your skin with a shaving cream. Rub the shaving cream into your face using a circular motion. The shaving cream helps to lubricate and condition the skin. This makes shaving easier and it helps keep your skin smoother.

Place the razor blade under one cheek bone. Applying very light pressure, stroke the razor down the length of your jawline and to your chin. Place the razor back up under your cheek bone, and stroke the razor down again. Do this until the area under your cheek bone to your chin is smooth. The shaving cream also acts as a guide of the areas that you've already shaved.

Rinse your razor under warm water frequently to remove shaving cream build-up.

Place the razor under the other cheek bone on the opposite side of your face. Repeat step three to shave that area of your face.

Place your razor under one side burn. Still using downward strokes, shave from the outside of the jawline in towards your nose. Do this until the area above your cheek bones is smooth.

Repeat step seven with the opposite side of your face.

Shave your chin and upper lip. Curl your bottom lip over your upper lip to pull your upper lip down, holding it tight. Carefully, shave the area. Now, curl your upper lip over your bottom lip to pull your bottom lip up. Using light strokes, shave your chin.

Rinse your face off with cool water. Apply an aftershave lotion to keep your skin moisturised and smooth all day long. Avoid actual aftershaves, they contain alcohol which stings the skin and can dry it out.

Get your wax ready. You can purchase a wax heater or waxing kits at any beauty supply store. The wax heater is almost like a crock pot for wax. Heat the wax up to the appropriate heat setting (read the instructions first) and you're ready. A wax kit is a small jar of wax that is microwaved--it's quicker than the wax heater, but you get less wax. Heat the wax kit in the microwave for the time specified in the instructions...never longer.

Use a Popsicle stick--these are also sold at a beauty supply store--to apply a small amount of wax where ever you need it first. Start with the upper lip or chin. Once the wax has been applied, cover the area with a wax strip, and rub the strip with your fingers in the direction your hair grows. Wax strips are typically made of thin cotton strips.

Leave the strip on the wax for about five seconds, then pull the skin around the strip taut and--very quickly--pull the strip off. The area will sting slightly and become red. However this method, unlike shaving or depilatory creams, removes the entire hair including the follicle. This means the hair won't grow back for weeks.

Repeat steps two and three to remove unwanted hair on the sides of your face, under the cheek bones, eyebrow hair, etc.

Apply a soothing waxing lotion to your face to reduce redness and keep your skin smooth.

Things You'll Need

  • Face soap
  • Shaving cream
  • Razor
  • Wash cloth
  • After-shave lotion
  • Hot wax
  • Popsicle stick
  • Wax strips
  • Lotion
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