How to Select a Tile Size for a Small Bathroom

Updated April 17, 2017

When selecting a tile size for a bathroom, it is important to consider the size of the bathroom itself. A large bathroom can support a wider range of tile sizes, while a small bathroom can appear even smaller depending on the chosen tile size. Although there is a more limited range of tile sizes for smaller bathrooms, there is still some choice involved. The use of pattern, colour and grout work also matters when it comes to making a small bathroom appear larger.

Measure your bathroom and the area of floor you will be covering. Write down these measurements as you will be referring to them later. Peruse tile sizes at a local construction supply store.

Write down three tile sizes that are aesthetically appealing to you. Cut a piece of paper to the size of each of the tile sizes you selected. Lay the different tile sizes in your bathroom. Compare the sizes to each other. Consider which size makes the bathroom look larger. You may also choose to buy one tile in each size to get an accurate feel of how that size will look in your bathroom.

Consider other factors before selecting a size. A dark colour tile won't show dirt as much as light colour, but it can also make the room look smaller. Large tiles of a dark colour may be better than small tiles as there is less grout work. Consider using a lighter colour and smaller tile on the wall and a larger size tile and darker colour on the floor. The lighter colour on the wall will open the room up while the darker floor colour will keep the room looking sharp. Selecting a larger tile size for the floor will reduce the cluttered look of many grout lines; however, too large of a tile will highlight the small size of the bathroom.

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