How to make a pretty alien costume

Alien costumes are perfect for Halloween parties and comic book or sci-fi conventions. Aliens don't have to be creepy or ugly, or even difficult to create. With some simple crafting skills, you can create a costume in no time, using make-up as a special effect to top off the look. If you have the skills, you can sew an outfit, but you can also create one just as easily from items found in thrift shops or even your own closet.

Attach thin, flexible glow sticks to the headband with household glue. Wrap the headband with a rubber band to hold the glow sticks in place until the glue dries. Do not worry if they are too short or long; the ends will be hidden in the hair. Be careful not to crack, or activate, the glow sticks.

Buy a fancy dress, a shiny top and trousers or a sequinned outfit at a thrift store. You can also sew an outfit if you know how and have the time. Try for a flowing top and tight bottoms, a silver lame dress or a catsuit in one of these materials.

Apply the shimmery powder to the entire face, accenting the eyes with dark liner and colouring lips with dark lipstick.

Style your hair into an alien hairdo. A very flat, smooth look will work, as will a messy, outlandish look. Spray with the coloured hairspray.

Twist the headband gently, to activate the glow sticks when the glue has dried, and put in place just before heading out in your alien costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Glow sticks
  • Headband
  • Glue
  • Rubber band
  • Fancy dress or top
  • Tight trousers
  • Shimmery powder
  • Dark eyeliner
  • Dark lipstick
  • Coloured hairspray
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