How to replace a halogen with an led

Updated April 17, 2017

Halogen bulbs produce a very bright, white light that is ideal for work lamps and stage lights. However, halogen bulbs can get dangerously hot and are not energy efficient. Many people are switching to LED bulbs because they are energy efficient, have long lifespans, and produce little heat. Any lamp that can take a halogen bulb can also take an LED bulb as long as it has the same fitting.

Turn off the lamp and let the bulb cool down. Halogen bulbs can get extremely hot.

Unscrew the halogen bulb. You can then either discard it or save it for later use.

Screw in the LED bulb and turn the lamp back on.


When purchasing an LED bulb, be sure to buy one that has the same fitting as the halogen bulb.


Be careful when handling halogen bulbs and lamps. They generate an extreme amount of heat and can easily burn your hands. LED lights will not be as bright as halogen.

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