How to Make Golf Themed Floral Arrangements

Golf themed flower arrangements are perfect for an anniversary or bridal shower for a couple who met on the golf course or at a golf event. These arrangements would make a lovely gift for an avid golfer who is in the hospital or to use as a centrepiece when you throw a dinner party for your friends who enjoy the game. White golf balls and tees make it a cinch to coordinate your favourite flowers in the arrangement.

Fill the glass trifle bowl with the white golf balls and tees. You want to fill it about three fourths of the way to the top edge of the bowl.

Cut the stems of the focal flowers so that they will not extend further than 6 inches above the bowl edge. You should use the most colourful or largest flowers as the focal point in the arrangement. Remember, it is better to cut the stems too long instead of too short, you can always cut more of the stem later. Use the wire cutters for silk flowers and a sharp knife blade if you have fresh flowers.

Stick one or two of the focal flowers in the middle of the golf balls. They will hold the flowers straight and tall. Arrange three or four of the focal flowers evenly throughout the arrangement.

Cut the middle sized flower stems and add them evenly throughout the bowl, cutting the stems shorter as you near the sides of the bowl. Check it periodically to make sure you are creating a nice dome shape with the flowers.

Use greenery such as ivy or fern to accent the colours of the focal and middle sized flowers. It is also attractive to allow greenery to hang over the sides of the bowl edge.

Fill in the empty spaces in the floral arrangement with filler flowers, such as baby's breath, statice or Queen Anne's lace. Now you are ready to display your centrepiece.


If you are using fresh flowers, don't make the arrangement until the afternoon of the event, so that they will look their best. Keep them in a vase of water until you need to use them. You will need to slant some of the flowers when you slide them in between the golf balls to create the dome shape and give it aesthetic appeal.


Avoid handling the fresh flowers too much while arranging them if you are a beginner at flower arrangements. Silk flowers are more durable, if you think you will have to arrange the flowers more than once to get the shape just right.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear trifle bowl
  • White golf balls and tees
  • Wire cutters or a sharp knife
  • Large focal flowers (fresh or silk)
  • Medium sized flowers
  • Filler flowers
  • Greenery
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