How to Make Reed Diffuser Liquid

Updated February 21, 2017

Reed diffusers infuse a room with the soft scent of whatever essential or perfume oil is used in the diffuser liquid. The liquid is made from a mixture of essential or perfume oils, diffuser oil and sometimes perfumer's alcohol. Mixing the reed diffuser liquid makes or breaks the entire effect of the reed diffuser, as the liquid must be able to work effectively with the reeds that are placed into it in order for the scent to rise up the reeds and diffuse properly into the surrounding room.

Choose a scent to use for the reed diffuser liquid in either an essential oil or a scent oil, then pour 29.6ml of the oil into a 118ml glass bottle.

Add 66.5ml of either a fragrance-grade dipropylene glycol or premixed diffuser oil base to the glass bottle, then cover the top of the bottle and shake to combine the scent and base oils.

Observe the thickness of the reed diffuser liquid after mixing. If it appears too thick to be able to travel successfully up the reeds, dilute it with 7.39ml of perfumer's alcohol. Stir to blend in the alcohol.

Add another 7.39ml of perfumer's alcohol if the mixture still appears too thick to interact successfully with the reeds. Stir to blend in the additional alcohol.

Place four to five reeds in the bottle with the diffuser oil liquid, making sure they are 3 to 4 inches taller than the bottle, and place the diffuser bottle and reeds near the chosen room's primary traffic pattern so that people passing by the diffuser help to disburse the scent of the reed diffuser liquid.


If the reed diffuser liquid's scent is too weak, add additional essential or perfume oil until the reed diffuser liquid is half scent oil.


Reed diffuser liquid may be flammable.

Things You'll Need

  • Essential/fragrance oil(s)
  • Fragrance-grade dipropylene glycol (DPGF)/reed diffuser base oil
  • Perfumer's alcohol, if needed
  • Diffuser reeds
  • Glass bottles, 113gr size
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