How to Recycle Water Filters

Written by j. johnson | 13/05/2017
How to Recycle Water Filters
Recycling helps protect the planet. (planet image by Soja Andrzej from

Recycling is important for the environment. Most people know the common materials that can be recycled, including glass, plastic, cardboard and newspapers. However, you can also recycle less common items, such as water filters. When you participate in recycling, you help renew our resources and protect the planet. You can feel good about what you're doing, and once you know where to go and what to do, recycling takes very minimal time and effort.

Check the brand of your water filters. If you have a Brita or TerraFlo filter, you can send the old water filters back to the company to be recycled. These companies have recycling programs in place to make recycling your water filter a quick and process.

Check what type of plastic of which your filter is made. If it's #5 plastic, you can recycle it at your local Whole Foods grocery store. You may also be able to take it to your local recycling centre.

Call your local Whole Foods and recycling centre to find out if other types of plastic can be dropped off for recycling. If your filter isn't a #5 filter, you may still be able to recycle it at these locations.

Things you need

  • Old water filter

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