How to Convert a Mouse to a Joystick

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Convert a Mouse to a Joystick
Use your mouse like a joystick. (wireless computer mouse image by Ramona smiers from

Both mouse and joystick are controlling devices used with a computer system. The two types of hardware are often used to to navigate through the operating system or separate programs. Typically the mouse is the default controller on most computers, even through the joystick is suggested for some (especially video games). If you don't have your own joystick, it is possible to control many of the games by using the mouse as a joystick, instead of purchasing the product.

Open the program with which you want to use the mouse as a joystick. More than likely, the program either has a desktop icon or a tab in the "Start," "All Programs" menu.

Select "Options" once the program loads, then click "Controls." A list of all the control options appears on the screen.

Choose "Mouse." Although the joystick is preferred, the mouse may be used in exactly the same way.

View the control configuration of the mouse. Each button is given an exact use in the program or game. If you want to adjust the settings select "Custom," then choose a move or action for each button. Click "Apply" to change the settings.

Exit out of the settings options and return to the main menu.

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