How to Replace the Fuel Filter in a Chevy Lumina

Updated March 23, 2017

The fuel filter on the Chevy Lumina is an in-line fuel filter. The in-line fuel filter blocks any debris and sediments from entering the fuel injectors and the engine. The gas is pumped out of the gas tank by the fuel pump. Once the gas leaves the tank, it travels into the in-line fuel filter. Once the in-line fuel filter blocks and traps the debris and sediments from the fuel, clean fuel then travels to the engine.

Park the Chevrolet Lumina on level ground. Remove the gas cap from the gas tank.

Jack the rear of the Chevy Lumina up in the air and place a jack stand on each side of the car under each frame rail. Make sure that the jack stands are positioned in front of each rear tire.

Crawl under the back side of the Lumina and locate the fuel filter in the passenger side frame rail near the gas tank. The fuel filter has a quick-connect fitting on the inlet side of the fuel filter and a metric nut on the outlet side of the fuel filter.

Slide a fluid catch pan under the fuel filter. Remove the quick-disconnect fuel line from the fuel filter by squeezing the end of the quick-connect fitting manually. Push in on the quick-connect at the same time and the fuel line will unlock from the fuel filter.

Remove the outlet fuel line from the fuel filter by loosening the metric nut with an open-end metric wrench. Use a backup wrench on the nut that is attached to the fuel filter while turning the metric fuel line nut. Pull the fuel lines off of the fuel filter and let them hang down towards the catch pan.

Slide the old fuel filter out of the bracket and slide the new fuel filter into the bracket. Make sure that the arrow that is stamped on the side of the fuel filter is pointing to the engine. This arrow indicates the fuel flow to the engine.

Screw the fuel line with the nut back onto the fuel filter and tighten it down with the metric wrench.

Push the quick-connect fuel line straight onto the fuel filter until it locks onto the fuel filter. Pull back on the quick-connect fuel line to ensure that the fuel line is secured to the fuel filter.

Slide the catch pan out from under the Chevy Lumina and screw the gas cap back onto the gas tank. Turn the key in the ignition on and off five times to prime the fuel filter. Then crank the motor. Inspect the new fuel filter for leaks then turn off the engine.

Jack the rear of the Chevy Lumina back up and remove the jack stands. Lower the Lumina to the ground.


The flow arrow must be pointing towards the engine or the engine will not crank because the gas will not be able to reach the engine.


Do not smoke around the area when performing this procedure. Wear safety glasses when working around gas.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Fluid catch pan
  • Metric open-end wrench set
  • New fuel filter (Hastings 3491-05041586)
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