How to improve the reception of my car FM radio

Updated February 21, 2017

It can be very frustrating to lose the reception on your car radio during your favourite song or at a crucial moment in a news bulletin. Improving your car radio reception can improve the quality of sound and give increased range for hearing weaker frequency stations.

Purchase and install a new car radio antenna. Modern high-quality radio antennas can receive better quality sound from a greater distance. Most hardware and car-audio stores will stock FM antennas.

Move your existing antenna. Interference from the car's engine and other in-car electronic devices can disrupt the FM signal and reduce the quality of reception. For this reason, most car radio antennas are attached to the back of the car away from the engine.

Consider installing a digital or satellite radio. These types of modern radios can pick up stations using a digital or satellite signal in greater quality than FM. These are more expensive options than replacing your car radio antenna.

Install a signal booster. These devices boost existing signals by plugging into the antenna and tuner. They are not suitable for resolving interference in a large metropolitan or urban area where signals are deflected by large buildings.

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