How to make the week view a default in notes calendar

Updated February 21, 2017

Lotus Notes, an e-mail and database application for Windows-based systems, not only manages your e-mail, but also lets you post appointments and events on the program's built-in calendar, as well as set alerts to inform you of upcoming appointments. Lotus Notes includes an array of customisable settings for changing the way your individual calendar looks, prints and opens. Lotus Notes even lets you change the program's toolbar, icons and other default settings and the calendar's default settings to your liking.

Click on the "Lotus Notes" icon on your computer's "Desktop" or click "Start," "All Programs," "Lotus Notes" to open the application.

Click on the down arrow next to "Mail." Select "Switch to Calendar."

Click "Actions," "Tools," "Preferences." Click on the "Display" tab.

Select "Start monthly view with current week" to make the week view the default calendar setting. Click "OK."


To change a work week's days, select "Days displayed in a work week" from the "Display" tab and select which days to include in your calendar view. This setting is ideal if you don't work a regular Monday through Friday schedule and you want to add a weekend day to your calendar or remove a weekday from your calendar.

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