How to Convert Mds & Mdf to ISO

MDF and MDS files are images of a compact disc stored in a proprietary format. Because the formats are proprietary, only some CD-burning and disc-image-emulation software applications can use them. Convert MDF files or MDS files to the more standard ISO format to use them with a much larger range of CD-burning and disc-image-emulation software applications.

Open the folder containing the MDF or MDS file and right click the file's name. Click the "Rename" menu option. Change the ".mdf" or ".mds" extension--the letters at the end of the file name--to ".bin" and press "Enter."

Double click the MagicISO icon on your desktop. If you do not have MagicISO installed on your computer, you can buy it and download it from the MagicISO website.

Click the "Tools" menu, then click the "BIN to ISO." Browse to the folder containing the BIN file in the "BIN to ISO" converter window. Enter a name for the ISO file. Click the "Convert" button.

Double click the IsoBuster icon on your desktop to start the IsoBuster application. If you do not have IsoBuster installed on your computer, you can buy it and download it from the IsoBuster website.

Click the "File" menu and select the "Open Image File" menu option. Browse to the folder containing the MDF or MDS file. Select the file. Click the OK button.

Right click the "CD" or "DVD" entry in the left-side navigation panel and select "Extract CD/DVD -> RAW (.bin, .iso)" from the menu. Browse to the folder in which you want to save the ISO file. Select "*.iso" for the "Save as type" field. Click the "Save" button. The application creates a .ISO file plus a .CUE file.

Things You'll Need

  • MDF file or MDS file
  • MagicISO software application
  • IsoBurner software application
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