How to Personalize Wine Glasses

Updated April 17, 2017

Imagine the joy of giving a personalised pair of wine glasses as a wedding gift, or for a birthday or anniversary celebration. Personalised gifts always make a special occasion an even more cherished event. Painting on glass is an old art form that is simple to reproduce and creates a personalised gift. Whether giving painted wine glasses as a present or just for yourself, they are an expression of your creativity.

Determine if the glass will be use for decoration or drinking. Air-dry paint is for decoration pieces only. Thermo-hardening paint requires baking the glass in a standard oven to seal the paint for drinking.

Wash and dry the glass. Purchase a pattern or monogram for the design, or make a personal pattern with blank paper. Measure the desired area on the glass for painting. Cut the pattern to fit the area.

Mickey Baskett, British artist and author of 30 craft books, recommends the easiest way to paint on glass is to insert the pattern inside the glass and tape it in place. Wipe off all fingerprints. Paint the design using the pattern as a guide.

Allow air-dry painted glass to dry overnight. Spray an adhesive on the painted area to keep moisture from clouding the paint.

Let a glass painted with thermo-hardening paint dry for 48 hours before baking. Place it inside a cold, not preheated, oven. Do not spray adhesive on a painted piece.


Experiment with different patterns. Simply wash off the glass each time until you are satisfied with the design.

Things You'll Need

  • Wine glasses
  • Paint, air-dry or thermo-hardening, in various colours
  • Paint brushes of various sizes
  • Container of water for cleaning
  • Paper towels
  • Stencil or monogram pattern
  • Paint adhesive
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