How to print a double-sided booklet

Updated February 21, 2017

Printing a double-sided booklet can be a tricky thing to do if you are unsure about what the document or printer settings need to be. Once you properly customise the settings, printing a double-sided booklet can be fairly easy. However, it is important that the customisations are exactly correct. If they are not properly customised, the words and graphics may not print on the right pages or in the right directions.

Open Microsoft Word and click "File" and "New."

Click "File" again and select "Page Setup." Click "Margins."

Select "Book Fold" in the "Multiple Pages" list.

Type "0.5" in the "Outside" and "Inside" boxes to set the margins.

Select the number of pages you want in your booklet in the "Sheets Per Booklet" list.

Add the text, graphics and elements you want in your booklet.

Click the "File" menu and select "Print."

Click the "Manual Duplex" dialogue box.

Select "All" in the "Page Range" section.

Load the exact number of pages you need in the printer and select "Print."

Allow the pages to print, then turn them over and feed them back into the printer so they print on both sides. You now have printed a double-sided booklet.

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