How to make your own dog certificate online

Written by terrance karter | 13/05/2017
How to make your own dog certificate online
Give Fido a certificate for passing his obedience class - or make one for yourself for taking it with him. (dog image by Michal Tudek from

A Dog Certificate certifies something--but what exactly it certifies is up to the person making the certificate. You might decide to make a dog certificate for dogs that have passed your dog training classes, or you might make a dog adoption certificate for puppies you are selling or even a dog you buy. Other dog certificates might be just for fun--to certify your dog has learnt a new trick, or even to certify your child is responsible enough to have earned her very own puppy.

Decide why you are making a dog certificate. Reasons include documenting your dog's newest trick, proving a dog has been certified in a particular show or training manoeuvre, or presenting a person with a dog.

Choose an online certificate template site. There are hundreds to choose from, and some are listed in the resource section.

Determine if the site is free or if there are fees for downloading or creating certificates. If there are fees, decide if you would like to pay them, or move onto another site until you have found one for free.

Check through the programs installed on your computer to see if you already have a program, like Microsoft Works, that has document templates for you to fill in and then print out, if you would like to create them offline instead of online.

Choose the particular document template you would like to use for your dog certificate. Select it and the program or site will load the template onto your screen so you can type on the lines.

Type in the name of the dog, owner, or person in the top line. Type in the reason for the certificate on the bottom line, under "Is certified" or "has completed" or "has won" or whatever the words might be on the certificate template you have selected.

Type in the date of the certificate. Print out the certificate and sign it and present it.

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