How to convert YouTube to MP3 online

Updated March 23, 2017

YouTube is a large video sharing network with an unlimited catalogue of videos. If you have favourite videos, whether musical, comedic or dramatic, converting them to stand alone MP3 audio allows you to upload to portable media players, audio applications, photo slide-shows and more. Without downloading a media conversion program, save time and money by converting your favourite YouTube videos online and downloading them to your computer.

Go to (or click the Resource link). Type the name of the video you want to convert to MP3 and click "Search." Scroll down the search results and click the video you want. The video begins to play.

Select the URL address located in the address bar. Right-click the selection and click "Copy." If you are using a Mac, copy the selection by pressing the "Command" and "C" keys together.

Go to a free YouTube MP3 conversion website such as or You should see a URL window. Right-click inside the URL window and click "Paste" to upload the YouTube video's URL address. If you are using a Mac, paste the URL address by clicking inside the URL window then pressing the "Command" and "V" keys together.

Select "High Quality" or "Standard Quality." Keep in mind that high quality settings produces larger file sizes. Click "Convert" or "Go." The YouTube MP3 conversion website converts the YouTube video to MP3 format.

Click the MP3 file when the conversion process completes. When prompted, click "Save" to launch the file saving dialogue box. Select the folder to save the MP3 file in and type the name you want to use. Click "Save" to download the MP3 audio file to your computer.

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