How to hang a silk rug

Updated February 21, 2017

Silk rugs serve as beautiful pieces of decor that add a delicate touch to any room. If you love your silk rug too much to allow people to walk across it, hang it on a wall in any room to display it and keep it from wear and tear. Learn the easy steps to hanging a silk rug to avoid ripping or stretching the fabric in the hanging process.

Measure all four sides of your silk rug, and cut a piece of canvas to match the exact size of your rug using a small saw.

Cut a piece of Velcro the length of two opposing sides of your rug; do top and bottom or the sides, depending on your preference.

Sew the soft side of your Velcro to the opposite sides of your rug. Use thread that matches the rug and will blend and sew in tight small stitches. Sewing will not damage your rug.

Secure your tougher piece of Velcro to the edges of your canvas that correspond to the edges of the rug you sewn the softer pieces to, using super glue or a staple gun. For example if you sewn pieces of Velcro to the long sides of your rug, you will want to secure the same-sized tougher pieces to the long sides of your canvas.

Secure your rug to the canvas by attaching the Velcro pieces to the corresponding pieces you glued or stapled onto your canvas.

Hang your canvas onto the wall as you would a canvas painting, measuring out the side of your canvas you will hang on the nails and hammering nails into the wall accordingly.


To clean your silk rug, simply remove it by pulling it from the canvas gently, and clean as you choose. While silk can be cleaned at home on the gentle wash and allowing it to air dry, dry cleaners are your best bet for maintaining the fabric quality. To avoid holes in your wall, you can opt to use heavy duty mounting tape instead. Never use rings to hang up a silk rug, as this will cause fabric to hang unevenly in areas and stretch out over time. Carpet tacks should also never be used, as the tack part is often serrated and can snag fabric. If you must use tacks, then use simple office tacks that have smooth metal.

Things You'll Need

  • Large piece of canvas
  • Small saw
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread
  • Sewing needle (or machine if you prefer)
  • Super glue or staple gun
  • Nails
  • Hammer
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