How to Write a Critique of a Business Article

Updated April 17, 2017

When crafting a critique of a business article, there are several different elements to keep in mind as you read. Important factors such as the content of the article, how it is organised, the style it is written in, and the grammar and punctuation will all play a role in determining how your assessment goes. If you follow a certain structure, writing a critique won't be very difficult at all.

Read the article at least three times. The first time just straight through to get a feel for the overall piece, then with notebook and pen to make notes.

Determine if the content of the article is appropriate for the title. It must paint a clear and thorough picture of the topic and be easy to understand.

Determine if the article is organised effectively. The introduction and conclusion must touch on the same points, and the paragraphs must be structured in a logical order.

Determine if the tone of the article is appropriate for the subject matter. A light and bouncy tone talking about the world oil crisis would cause a disconnect with the readers.

Check that the grammar, punctuation and spelling is in line with the topic of the article.

Go through your notes and write the critique. Focus on the positive elements of the article first, then move on to where you feel improvements could be made.


For a business article, ensure that is arranged in such a way that it can be skimmed easily for busy executives to read. Ensure the focus of the article is maintained throughout, and that the author doesn't stray too far away from what is promised in the title.

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