How to Get Paid to Write Short Stories Online

Updated July 20, 2017

Getting paid to write fiction online is a good way to build up your writing portfolio and experience, though you will doubtfully make a living off of this hobby. Unlike regular publishing companies, submitting short stories online is likely to only pay per each short story that you write, which is considered freelance writing. There are some people who strike it lucky and are able to make decent money from their work, but those numbers are rare and few. However, you will not know if you will have success writing short stories online unless you give each of the different options a try.

Search for writing jobs through job search engines. These different searches can lead to online freelance writing jobs. They are typically part time or are only for a temporary basis.

Compete in online contests. There are plenty of websites that advertise contests for short story writers, offering small or large cash prizes to the winner and runners-up. Some of these contests require an entrance fee, but not all of them charge the writers.

Submit to online publishing sites. There are some online publishers that will pay writers for short stories. The short stories would be compiled for books, literary magazines or audio books. These publishers typically pay well for submissions, but are a bit competitive.

Post short stories on websites that pay on a page-per-view basis. Essentially, you are being paid by sharing in the revenues from online ads that are attached to your page. You can easily find websites that allow you to create your own profile to post your creative writing on your own schedule. Ideally, the more you build up your portfolio with short stories, the more readers you could attract and have the potential to earn money from your page-views.


One way to check if a submission site is worth your while is to type the name into a search engine and see what kinds of comments and links pop up that are related to that name. Previous and current writers often have comments about their own experience with your websites of interest.


You need to make sure that your work is being sent to reputable and trustworthy sites, otherwise your work could be stolen or you may end up paying a subscription or a submission fee that does not pay you anything in return. Researching whatever website or publishing company you submit your work to will help you avoid these problems. If you type in the name of the website in a search engine with the word "scam," you can usually find if the website is safe to associate with.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Short stories
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