How to make a wall plaque

Updated July 18, 2017

There are many different ways to make homemade wall plaques, but they share a common goal: A one-of-a-kind ornamental wall hanging. Plaques are generally thin and made of wood, metal or canvas. They can be built around a particular theme depending on where the plaque will hang or to whom it will be given as a gift. Wall plaques can be made using materials you may already have at home. Using rubber-stamps on pre-stretched canvas frames is one way to add artistic interest to a unique plaque.

Using a direct-to-paper technique, randomly rub ink pads across the canvas, working from lightest to darkest colours of ink. Colour the canvas completely, extending ink coverage over all four edges.

Turn the canvas over and place a piece of wood inside the frame to support the canvas; turn the frame back over when finished. Wood supports the canvas so you can firmly press a stamp on it without the canvas sagging. In lieu of wood, any solid flat object that will fit between the canvas stretchers and support the middle of the canvas can be used.

Take an ink stamp with a contrasting or darker colour and press onto canvas. Press firmly and do not rock the stamp. Hold the canvas with one hand while lifting the stamp off with the other. Repeat for any additional stamped images. Experiment with the stamps you have on scrap paper to find an arrangement that works. A large bold image or a collage of smaller images may work depending on the theme you are working toward.

Beginning at the bottom of your canvas, glue a piece of coordinating ribbon around the edges, being sure to cover the staples holding the canvas in place. When you have wrapped all the edges, overlap the ribbon at the starting point and secure it with glue.

Insert a thumbtack or nail into the wall and hang your plaque.


Before adding stamped images to the canvas, practice on scrap paper: Cut paper the same size as the canvas and play around with the stamps to find a pleasing arrangement.

Things You'll Need

  • 5" by 7" mini-stretch canvas
  • Individual pigment, dye or chalk ink pads
  • Rubber stamps
  • Wood
  • Half-inch wide ribbon
  • Glue
  • Thumbtack or nail
  • Scrap paper, optional
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